About PDL

About PDL

PDL International PTE LTD likes to think of the South Pacific as their home. The team at Pacific Direct Line Ltd works constantly to build on their reputation for reliability and long term commitment to serving their customers in the region

Pacific Direct Line is the trading name of PDL International Pte Ltd and all services operating under the Pacific Direct Line banner are operated by PDL International Pte Ltd or by joint venture services in which PDL International Pte Ltd plays a dominant role. PDL Internatonal Pte Ltd is represented in New Zealand by its subsidiary company, Pacific Direct Line Ltd, which is the general and managing agent for PDL International Pte Ltd. Pacific Direct Line Ltd does not operate any shipping services itself, rather it ensures the smooth and efficient operation of all PDL International Pte Ltd's services.

PDL International Pte Ltd can trace some of its roots back to 1968 with the formation of Sofrana Unilines in Noumea and Pacific International Lines in Singapore. Until 2006, the services that PDL International Pte Ltd now operate were run by companies associated with the Ravel family, who had been the founders of Sofrana Unilines. In 2006, two members of the Ravel family decided that it was time to retire, and the services that had been operated were sold to Pacific International Lines of Singapore. A new company, PDL International Pte Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore to operate those services. That new company included one of the original Ravel family shareholders. Since then, PDL International Pte Ltd have been at the cutting edge of maritime transport technology. Initially they operated with relatively small conventional cargo ships. Over the years, cargo handling methods have evolved to the point where they now utilise larger vessels equipped with efficient cargo handling gear to load both containers and break-bulk cargo.

They have always been concerned with the socio-economic development of the Pacific Islands, playing an important role in the establishment of a number of innovative businesses.Management has always recognised the value of stategic space sharing agreements with other ship operators, allowing them to expand their trading environment to link with an international network outside of the South Pacific Region. PDL International Pte Ltd  have however always acknowledged that its core business was in the South Pacific Region and have expanded to connect with Asia, Europe and the Americas using Pacific International Line's services.

PDL International PTE LTD's South Pacific “home” includes the following regions:

Today, through carefully chosen strategic alliances, they have expanded and enhanced their regional business as well as the quality of service offered to customers throughout the area they call home.

Maritime transport and its associated industries remains its key focus. With this intent, they have developed a network of professional efficient shipping agencies and stevedoring operations throughout the Pacific Islands operating under the Transam brand. They have extended the CRS branded Container Depots from New Zealand into Fiji and Tonga, with further depots planned. These add on business units allow their philosophy of continuous improvement to flow through their entire operation from origin to destination.